Friday, 24 February 2012

Baden Powell Pen Pal - Tayibha

Dear Friend,

Hello! My name is Tayibha and I am 10 years old, nearly turning 11 this year. I have two brothers . I attend Baden Powell Primary School in Hackney (East London).There are 8 classes which are year 1, year 2, year 3, year 4, year 5 and year 6. I am in year 5. We have tremendous teachers who are funny, smart and kind. Our school cares a lot about health and safety as they want us to feel safe. Our school is very friendly; we have different children from various countries. We have a wonderful Head teacher called Mrs. Chin also and  have a magnificent Deputy headteacher called Mrs Waite. In each class we have one teacher and one TA (Teaching assistant) we play all kinds of instruments like recorders, violins, keyboards, drums and steel pans as part of our curriculum. We are learning about Buddhist. Are you a Buddhist? because I will love to find out more. We have 240 children in our school. We have 30 children in our class. How many children do you have in your class? How many children do you have in your school in total?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,


Baden Powell Pen Pal - Malaija

Hello Friend,

My name is Malaija and I am 10 years old.

My next birthday is the 31st of December and I am going to turn 11 years old.

My favourite colour is pink.

My favourite subject is maths, art and science.

I have two brothers and three sisters. I am the youngest out of my siblings.

My family is very big.

What school do you go to?

What’s your name?

What’s your favourite colour?

Where do you live?

How old are you?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully


Baden Powell Pen Pal - Aminah

Dear Friend,

My name is Aminah. I am 9 years old and have a brother and a sister. I live in Hackney (East London.) and attend Baden Powell Primary school. I enjoy going to school because I have a wonderful teacher. Mr Ampofo and Miss Alleyne (we call them by their second name.) I have about 30 children in my classroom and 240 people in my school. I have a head teacher called Mrs Chin and a deputy-head called Mrs Waite. My teacher Mr Ampofo is very smart and kind also I’m happy that he is my teacher. He takes care of us very well and Miss Alleyne. We have 8 classes in our school: Reception, year 1, year 2, year 3, year 4, year 5, and year 6. I have loads of friends Azreal, Mailaija and Maisha. I’m proud to be in Baden Powell Primary School because they take good care of you and they are not mean. Out of the whole school my favourite teacher is Mr Ampofo because he does not shout at me and he somehow always makes me laugh. I’m really looking forward to meeting you and finding out about you and also I hope you enjoyed reading my letter to you.

What religion do you belong to? How old are you? Who is your favourite teacher in your school and why?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


Baden Powell Pen Pal Letters - Lauren

Dear Friend,

Hello, my name is Lauren and I am nine years old. I live with my mum and dad in a big family house and I have a tiny baby sister called Leah and she is one years old. My birthday is on the 7th of May. When is your birthday?

I am a pupil of year 5. Which year are you?

In our school we have rules. Do you have rules in your school?

I am hoping to hear from you soon.

                                                                 Goodbye friend.                                                   Lauren  

                                                                                                                             Year 5

Baden Powell Pen Pal - Kamile

Dear friend,

My name is Kamile and I will be 10 on the 16th of March. My favourite colour is purple and my favourite sport is swimming.

I attend Baden Powell Primary School which is not far from my house.

I have a brother called Claude. He will be 13 on the 18th of March. My favourite food is Pizza and I enjoy reading.

What is your name? When is your birthday? What is your school called?

I will end my letter here and hope that you reply.

Yours faithfully


Baden Powell Pen Pal - Emma

Dear Friend,

Hello my name is Emma-Louise Cook.

I am nine years old and I have two sisters and no brothers. I attend Baden Powell Primary School.

My next door neighbour is called Armando also my best friends names are Azreal and Malaija (I can not choose between them).

My hobbies are football, basketball, hockey and playing instruments (I play five: violin, steel pan, guitar, recorder and piano).

My teacher is called Mr Ampofo and my T.A is called Ms Alleyne they are very good Teachers and T.A I like them all.

Do you play any instruments? Do you have any best friend? What is your neighbour’s name? What school do you attend? What is your teacher’s name?

I hope to hear from you shortly

 Yours faithfully

Emma Cook

Baden Powell Pen Pal Letters

Dear Friend

My name is Armando. I am nine years old and my birthday is June the 9th. I was born in London where I live at the moment. My mum and dad were born in Albania.

I attend school at Baden Powell Primary School which is located in Hackney.

There are about 229 children in Baden Powell, In addition to having 8 teachers we also have TA’s in each of our classes.

My favourite sports are football and hockey. What about you? How old are you?

What is the name of your school? Who is your favourite teacher and why?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully,